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I’ve been using this for over two years and have all my friends using it too. It’s amazing! Pain gone immediately. Helps me know when something is muscle vs something more serious, especially with my back. Highly recommend!

Jennifer W.

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effective relief from pain and inflammation without the side effects

Advanced Technology

Nano Encapsulated CBD

Not all cbd is created equally. Using advanced technology, Canodyne topicals are compounded with nano encapsulated cbd to deliver faster, deeper dermal penetration versus the leading competitors.

Enhanced absorbtion + increased bioavailability = maximum pain relief now

Lab Grade

Verified, Small Batch Production

Each lot of RELIEVE CBD Pain Gel is created in small, controlled batches and then Third Party Lab Tested to ensure it is verified for concentration and purity. This attention to quality has produced results for thousands of customers.


Broad spectrum CBD tincture and capsules & Isolate nano encapsulated CBD topicals

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